woman naga sadhu is women naga sadhus do not wear clothes know some interesting facts and life story about them will surprise you

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Womem Naga Sadhu

Womem Naga Sadhu: There are many types of sages and saints in Hindu religion. One of these sages is Naga Sadhu i.e. Aghori who is different from everyone. They remain engrossed in the devotion of Lord Shiva. By the way, many people would know about the male Naga sadhus. But hardly anyone would know about the female Naga sadhus. But let us tell you that like men, there are female Naga Sadhus too whose life is more difficult than that of male Naga Sadhus. By the way, we all know that the costumes of Naga Sadhus are quite different from other Babas. But do you know what is the dress of female Naga sadhus? Do these men also remain naked all the time like Naga sadhus? So let’s know some interesting facts about female Naga sadhus.

Female Naga sadhus are not seen everyday. No one knows anything about his life. They appear only in Kumbh or Maha Kumbh and then suddenly disappear after joining Kumbh. It is said that Naga sadhus indulge in penance for the rest of the year and go to forests, caves, mountains and meditate on God.

Who is a female Naga Sadhu?

Like men, women Naga sadhus also dedicate their lives completely to God. Their life is the most unique and different. To become a Naga Sadhu, he has to go through many difficult tests. Their examination lasts for a long time. To become a Naga Sadhu one has to follow strict celibacy rules daily for at least 10 to 15 years. Even while alive, he has to do his own Pind Daan. Then after Pinddaan they are shaved. After this, a bath is taken in the holy river. The female Naga sadhus are absorbed in devotional worship throughout the day and chant the Lord every morning and evening.

What is the dress of a female Naga monk?

If we talk about male sadhus, then they are allowed to be naked in public. However, female monks cannot do this. Many of the Nagas are clothed and many are naked. Similarly, women also become Naga sadhus, so they are also made Nagas. Naga women are clothed. They have to apply Tilak on their forehead. They are allowed to wear only saffron colored clothes. Their clothes are not stitched. Let us tell you that women Naga sadhus also get as much respect as male Naga sadhus. Female Naga Sadhu is called as Mother.

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