why naga sadhus do not wear clothes How to become a Naga Sadhu life story of naga sadhu | Naga Sadhu History: Do not wear clothes even in the bitter cold, know the mysterious stories of Naga Sadhus

Life of Naga Sadhu: Most of us must have heard about Naga Sadhus. It is a bit difficult to see his world closely because he rarely likes to meet people. Most of us are very curious to know about Nag Sadhus, in which the biggest question is that why Naga Sadhus do not wear clothes after all? And why don’t they like to socialize more with the mainstream people of the society? Here some unheard stories related to him are being told. Let us tell you that the word ‘Naga’ used in Naga Sadhu means ‘naked’. These sages remain naked for life and consider themselves as messengers of God and remain lost in the worship of God for a long time.

Some interesting facts related to Naga Sadhus

1. The process of becoming a Naga Sadhu takes about 12 years, in which 6 years they collect the necessary information to join the Naga cult. During this he wears only nappies. A herd of Naga sadhus gather in the Kumbh Mela and after taking a vow here, they sacrifice this nappy as well.

2. The process of becoming a Naga Sadhu is very difficult. In this, Naga sadhus are first taught celibacy. After being successful in this test, he is given great man’s initiation and after that it is Yajnopaveet and then he does Pinddaan of his family and himself which is called Bijwan.

3. Naga Sadhus do not use any bed to sleep, rather they sleep on the ground. Naga sadhus eat only once a day. Naga sadhus can beg alms from only 7 houses in a day. If they do not get alms, they have to spend days hungry.

4. Most of the Naga Sadhus are in Juna Akhara. Let us tell you that initiation to become Naga Sadhu is given only in Shaiv ​​Akhade.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. ZEE NEWS does not confirm it.)

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