Why Lionel Messi Was Dressed In Black Gown After Victory Its Secret Is Related To History

After winning the FIFA World Cup of Argentina, people want to know everything about its star player Lionel Messi. Crores of people all over the world watched this final match between France and Argentina. People closely watched every small movement of the match. Which player, how he kicked the football or how the goalkeeper saved the goal, everything got printed like a great memory in the eyes of the people. However, the thing that escaped your eyes amidst all this was the black gown worn by Lionel Messi. The history of Qatar is attached behind this gown. Today we will tell you about this gown.

why is this gown special

When Lionel Messi led Argentina to victory in the FIFA World Cup against France on December 18 and reached the stage with the team to receive his trophy, he was dressed in a black gown by Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani before giving the trophy . Due to the celebration of victory, most people did not pay attention to it, but it has many meanings of its own. Actually, the black gown that Messi was dressed in was not an ordinary cloth. It is called Bisht. It is made of camel hair and goat wool. It is worn only by the Royal Family of Qatar or the religious leaders there.

Why was this gown worn by Lionel Messi?

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Actually, Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani wore this special gown to Lionel Messi because he wanted to honor him. Known as Bisht, this gown is given by the Royal Family of Qatar to someone only when they have to express their immense respect and immense love for the person in front of them. Lionel Messi also took full care of this honor and did not take off his gown during the entire celebration.

Argentina win in penalty shootout

France and Argentina had given their lives to win the FIFA World Cup. The whole match was full of excitement. Till the end it was not understood which team would win this World Cup. But after the equal match, when it came to decide the victory from the penalty shootout, Argentina won it. After the year 1986, Argentina once again took the FIFA World Cup trophy with them. However, in this match, apart from Messi, there was a lot of discussion about the great game of French player Mbappe.

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