What happens to your cell phone if you search for ‘The Last of Us’ on Google’? – Series news

That Google has joined the fever for ‘The Last of Us’ means that it is a resounding success for HBO Max, we will tell you what happens with your cell phone if you search for the series on its servers

The Last of Us fever is reaching everywhere. The streets of Mexico City, Madrid and many world capitals exhibit the ravages of the Cordyceps fungus, whose cure Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) will try to find by crossing the entire United States until they find scientists, part of the fireflies, that they would search the girl’s blood for any sign of salvation, including Google.

Prior to the premiere of chapter two on HBO Max, Google contracted Cordyceps on its servers. as usual people are looking for information about the actors, among them Anna Torv, Gabriel Luna; the creator Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann, developer of the original video game for PlayStation and launched in 2013, the search engine turned its results into a source of contagion.

If you search on your cell phone, tablet or computer for something related to The Last of Usa button with a mushroom inside it will be implemented at the bottom of your screen. They will have to click to see what happens, right? Each click means the progress of the Cordyceps once it takes over the host’s anatomy, starting with simple ramifications until expanding invasively.

The first unfurled twigs are the same as those that the opening, inspired by the sequences of Game of Thrones and House of The Dragon, musicalized by the master Gustavo Santaolalla, then more mushroom-shaped structures begin to grow. so that if they get stuck with so much clicking on the button, the time will come when their screen is completely invaded and do not reach anything in your search engine.


Your screen invaded when searching for ‘The Last Us’

With this we confirm that what is happening with The Last of Us it’s one of a kind, not even George RR Martin’s work had that kind of digital activations. And we are not talking about the doodle, but about the entire search engine in general. Everything seems to indicate that HBO Max has shown that the curse of video games and their bad adaptations is only a pretext for bad scripts, like those of Netflix with Resident Evil, to mention a bad example.

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