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Have you noticed the little holes at the top and bottom of your phone? Do you know what they are for or why they are necessary on mobile devices? Here we tell you everything you need to know about them, because they are much more important than you think.

It is very sure that most people have noticed the small round holes that are commonly found on the top or bottom of the phones, however, it is possible that very few know their true function and what is the care to be taken. they must have with them for the proper functioning of their mobile device.

Therefore, in this article we share what these small holes are and what is their importance in our cell phones. So, without further ado, let’s see all the details.

What are the little holes on the top and bottom of your phone for?
bottom hole

It may be easier for people to infer how the hole at the bottom of your mobile device works. Normally, this is located right next to the charging port, and on some models, you can even see two holes together.

This hole (or holes) constitutes the microphone of our mobile devices and, therefore, its function is to be activated during calls or audio recordings, in order to capture and convert the emitted sound (sound waves) into an electrical signal for increase its intensity, transmit it and record it.

In short, it is what allows us to make a call or send an audio, so it is important that it is kept clean and free of dirt and dust, as this can prevent its optimal operation.

In some models, for aesthetic reasons, this microphone is unified together with the speaker, so we will see multiple holes.

top hole

As for the hole that some devices usually have at the top, this is also a microphone, however, its function is very different from the one at the bottom, since it is responsible for reducing or canceling background noise during the calls.

In this way, this instrument is capable of separating the voice of people from background noise, such as the sound of traffic when you are on an avenue or when you are near a construction. This allows the receiver to hear you perfectly clear and undistorted by the noise in the environment during the call.

Although not all mobile devices have this secondary microphone, those that have it have a great advantage during the call or recording function, since it will allow high-quality calls to be made and much clearer than those that do not.

Therefore, as with the main microphone, it is important that it is kept free of dust and dirt that could obstruct it.

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