Want to wear short dress in New Year 2023 party, then follow these tips to avoid cold

First Published Dec 27, 2022, 4:22 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. Preparations are in the final stages to celebrate the New Year. Those who want to celebrate New Year 2023 out of the city have made bookings. Only packing remains to be done. At the same time, those who want to celebrate it by going to a pub or a party place within the city, their venue has also been decided. But still many girls are confused about their dress. She wants to wear a short dress for the party, but the harsh winter is working to spoil her wishes. So let us tell you some tips through which you can keep yourself warm even in short dress. Let us tell below how you can show yourself stylish in the winter season…

It is very difficult to wear short dress in winter season. But the New Year is also to be celebrated and one has to look stylish as well. So in such a situation, you should shop for some things which will make you look warm and stylish as well. Which includes leggings, tights and boots.

Turtleneck sweater with short dress
You can pair Turtle Neck Sweaters with short dresses. First of all, wear a turtleneck sweater which should be thin, then put a short dress on top. It will protect you from the cold as well as give you a different look.

Stylish sweater with skirt
Pair sweaters with skirts in winters. It will act as a layer in winter. This top will keep you warm when worn with a skirt. You can celebrate the new year without any shudder.

pair long boots
Long boots give a different look in the winter season. You can pair it with short dress or skirt. It will also do the work of keeping you warm and will make you stylish as well. You can choose Thai high or knee high boots for this.

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