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Prayagraj Magh Mela 2023: After the Corona epidemic, this time a large number of Kalpavasis have come to the Prayagraj Magh Mela in Uttar Pradesh. Sages and saints come from every corner of the country in the Magh Mela. In such a situation, Naga sadhus are also coming to Magh Mela. Actually, Naga sadhus do not talk much to anyone and their world is very mysterious. Whereas in Prayagraj, along with male Naga sadhus, women Naga sadhus also come here in large numbers. The way no one has much information about male Naga Sadhus, similarly people do not have much information about female Naga Sadhus. How to become a female Naga Sadhu? Who are female Naga Sadhus? How is their life?

Actually, the process of becoming a female Naga Sadhu is not easy, one has to go through a difficult penance. You have to dedicate yourself completely to God. Before becoming a female Naga sadhu, one has to observe celibacy for 6 to 12 years. If a woman is able to do this, then her guru allows her to become a Naga Sadhu. Along with this, their past life is also known. It is ascertained how devoted the woman is to the Lord. Female Naga monk has to do his Pind Daan and has to forget his past life. After this, the process of becoming a Naga Sadhu from an ordinary woman begins after shaving and then taking a bath. Vaishnav, Shaiv ​​and Udasin form the akhadas of all the three sects among the sadhus. On the other hand, female Naga sadhus wear only one cloth and that too unstitched.

Women Naga sadhus are called by these names
Female Naga Sadhus are addressed as Naagin, Avadhootani. Other sadhvis call her as mother. Female Naga Sadhus are completely dedicated to Shiva. From the time of waking up till the time of sleeping at night, she remains engrossed in God. Out of 13 akhadas, Juna akhada is the biggest akhada of sadhus. Women’s Mai Bada Akhara was also included in the Juna Akhara. Apart from this akhada of women, there are many female sadhus in other akhadas who are associated with different akhadas and are honored with many different titles including Nag. Mai or serpents are not elected to any position in the main positions of the akhadas. The next bathing festival of Magh Mela will be held on Makar Sankranti on 14th January. After this, Magh Mela will be held on Mauni Amavasya on 21st January, Basant Panchami on 26th January, Maghi Purnima on 5th February and Mahashivratri on 18th February.

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