Urfi Javed allergy from clothes Urfi Javed Bare body reason revealed Urfi Sexy video | Urfi Javed is allergic to clothes, if he wears too much, he starts itching and rashes! body becomes bad

Urfi Javed Bare Body Reason Revealed: Till now Urfi Javed used to make headlines on the internet for her unusual fashion, but recently the actress has shocked people by telling about her strange disease. Urfi Javed New Video has told through his Instagram story that he is allergic to clothes. Whenever Urfi (Urfi Javed Instagram) wears more clothes, then her body starts getting bad.

Urfi Javed gets rashes from wearing clothes?

Urfi Javed had recently shared a photo of her legs by clicking on her Instagram story. Along with the photos, the actress also shared videos in which she told about her allergy to clothes. Talking about allergies, Urfi also showed the condition of her body, Urfi has got red rashes all over her body. Urfi Javed Instagram clearly said in the video that this is the reason why she comes ‘naked’ everywhere.

Urfi Javed’s unusual fashion is very popular

Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed Clothes Allergy) is such an actress, but more than her performance, her unusual outfits have brought her popularity. Urfi Javed is seen showing new unusual styles every day. Urfi Javed is sometimes seen in public by applying tape and sometimes by putting flowers on her chest with the help of plastic. Often Urfi Javed is seen showing beauty in the name of creativity.

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