This Samsung Galaxy prototype folds 360 degrees and will blow your mind

Samsung does not get tired and continues to think of new folding formats… Now one with a 360 degree hinge!

This Samsung Galaxy prototype folds 360 degrees and will blow your mind
This is the Samsung Display prototype that can be folded 360 degrees.

After what OPPO painted their faces on their land with some spectacular Find N2 and Find N2 Flip, it seems that Samsung wants to confirm that they are still thinking about new folding designseven changing formats and working on new and innovative hinges.

For now we will have to wait to see how a Galaxy Z reduces center creases of the flexible panel or change the external screens for other more usable ones, but what we do know is that in the offices of Seoul they are testing new prototypes that can even be folded 360 degrees.

OPPO shows the way to Samsung: this is how folding phones are made

At least that’s what our colleagues from The Verge showed us, who have had access to a Samsung Display prototype that It was shown, among many others, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas a few days ago, and which has a hinge capable of folding 360 degrees both in and out.

Is named “Flex In & Out” and perhaps it will bring us implied the solution to take care of the flexible panel but squeeze its full potentialand is that this format would allow the device to be saved with the panel fully protected, but being able to later deploy it with all its benefits in any position and in 360 degrees… It would be a new ‘Flex mode’ but with vitamins!

His top secret would be in one of a kind hinge dumbbell which has also been anticipated for the Galaxy Z Fold5, and which would be able to create a kind of internal drop able to significantly reduce center crease of the flexible screen.

The attractive prototype of Samsung Display, in pictures

This mechanical design also it would put less stress on the board where the screen sitsallowing to improve the durability and resistance of the set.

For now, obviously, this is Just a design exercise for a Samsung Display that has become the main provider of flexible AMOLED screens on the planet, although who knows, maybe Samsung after the summer wants to surprise us with a third Galaxy Z in a roll-up format or with novelty hinges like this one.

Others have already surpassed it by using their own components and formats, although important thing would be to find utility and meaningsomething that no folder has explained to us too well for now… Or if?

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