This is the app I use to watch TV channels, movies and series for free

It is an unknown streaming platform, but one that I personally recommend for its extensive and free catalogue.

This is the app I use to watch TV channels, movies and series for free
RTVE Play has a catalog of quality series and movies that you can access for free.

When thinking of the best alternative streaming platforms to Netflix, we all think of names like HBO Max, Disney+ or Prime Video. However, I want to recommend the app that I use to watch television channels, movies and series totally free. Is named RTVE Play and, in case you don’t know, it is the streaming platform developed by Radiotelevisión Españolathe public radio and television service in Spain.

Unfortunately, the existence of RTVE Play and the quality catalog it offers is still unknown to many users. Therefore, if you don’t use RTVE Play either, I want to tell you about all its virtues so that you are encouraged to give it a try. Without paying anything in return, you will be able to see a wide variety of series, movies and documentaries from your mobile, tablet or smart TV. Be careful, this streaming platform has nothing to envy to the others And, I repeat, it’s completely free.

RTVE Play: an unknown but quality streaming option

If you have a smart TV and you put on a TVE channel, on some occasions you will have seen how it appears a window that recommends content from RTVE Play. This is the name of the streaming service created by the Spanish public corporation, a platform that we can see from the smart TV itself, from the RTVE Play websiteand from mobile and tablet using the app which you can download for free from the following link.

Google Play Store | RTVE Play

I like RTVE Play because it has a place there all the content that TVE cannot broadcast on its channels. For example, if there are several live tennis matches and Teledeporte is already busy, all I have to do is put on RTVE Play to be able to follow them live. The sports content that I follow on this platform is multiple, from soccer to the aforementioned tennis. Also, of course, on RTVE Play I can see all your channels live Even if you don’t have a TV nearby.

I also like the public streaming service for the catalog of series, films and documentaries that it makes available to users completely free of charge. In the series section we can find titles current and past nationalas well as productions international. For example, you can see The ministry of time, Isabel or all seasons of Tell me how it happened.

The options are also wide in terms of series, with award-winning titles like girls by Pilar Palomero, with four Goya awards in the 2021 edition. Doing a quick review we also find films like Angels and Demons, deep sea, an andalusian dog Y Living is beautiful. When you enter the main page of each movie, you will see Until what date is it available?. That is something to keep in mind Well, perhaps, if you wait too long, you miss the movie you want to see because it is no longer in the catalog.

From my experience, I advise you to create a user to use RTVE Play. so you can create your own list with content you don’t want to miss. In addition, you can also download series and movies to view them on your device when you don’t have an Internet connection. If you usually use your Android mobile or tablet, you can also Cast the content to your TV via Google Chromecast.

Sometimes, we tend to use paid streaming platforms, believing that the free catalog will be uninteresting. RTVE Play shows us that this is not the case, the offer of series, movies and live content is well worth it. Without a doubt, my recommendation is that Enter your website now and browse through your catalog, surely you will find a title that you want to see. You just have to press play, because you already know that RTVE Play is free.

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