These 3 Xiaomi phones are reborn and can now be updated to Android 13 thanks to LineageOS 20

The android community continues to show signs of potential, and brings back to life these three phones discontinued by Xiaomi: Poco X3, Mi 6 and Mi MIX 2.

These 3 Xiaomi phones are reborn and can now be updated to Android 13 thanks to LineageOS 20
The attractive Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is one of those graced with LineageOS 20 and Android 13.

While Xiaomi continues with its plans to update to MIUI 14 based on Android 13, the truth is that many of its not so old devices have been abandoned and without official support on older versions of both Android and the much appreciated MIUI customization.

surely a known problem and derived from the multiplicity of devices from the Chinese giant, whose developers would obviously be overwhelmed if they wanted to maintain support for all their huge number of devices including all its sub-brands.

Be that as it may, as the 9to5Google colleagues told us, we have good news for users of some of Xiaomi’s most iconic phones in recent timesand it is that despite the fact that we have forgotten a little about them, in the scenes Android continue to work and just revive three Xiaomi phones with an update to Android 13.

Xiaomi’s 2022 high-end par excellence is already updating to MIUI 14

As is obvious, We are not talking about proprietary software or MIUI customizationbut rather of the project LineageOS which is developed directly on the basis of the Android Open Source Project and reaches its version 20 with Android 13.

In fact, although the experience will be similar to what you expect from any mobile pure googleyou will find surprises like a new default camera appthat it’s called “Opening” and offers additional functionality.

Specifically, Xiaomi phones already discontinued and graced now with LineageOS 20 are the following:

As you will see, among them are some of the most successful in recent yearslike the iconic Mi MIX 2, and it is obviously the scenes It usually focuses on mobiles with high demand and many users registered in their communities.

In fact, flashing your devices is not something we would recommend at least to a basic user, but if you go to the xda-developers forums you will find all the information, guides and support to do it safely, and it will also be the only way to bring it back to life with the latest flavor stable from Android to your smartphones.

Remember that once LineageOS 20 is installed, You must also install the Google Apps manuallyincluding the Play Store, since this type of development (by Google regulations) cannot now include its proprietary application packages natively. It is not something complicated and the packages are included with the ROM downloads.

All the information in each case, we have left it linked in the upper list!

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