the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S23 uncovered

A South Korean store leaks more details about the launch of some Galaxy S23 that, unfortunately, will slightly increase in price in its most performance models.

Bomb leak: the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S23 uncovered
The entire Samsung Galaxy S23 family, leaked everywhere.

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be presented in just over 2 weeks, specifically on February 1 in a global event that will only leave us check that all leaks about the flagship south koreans were real and that the standard bearers of the Android catalog will be like the leakers we had previously been told.

And it is that Samsung has never known how to keep a secret welland again at the beginning of 2023 we have had a flood of leaks about their next Galaxy S23 that even now, two weeks after officially meeting them, They already speak to us openly about their prices and availability at least in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy S23: release date, features, models and all the information that is known

The colleagues from PhoneArena told us, who, echoing the information from a retailer South Korean who spoke of increases of between 10 and 20 percent have wanted to investigate more to find out that, finally, only the Galaxy S23 Ultra will raise its prices regarding the launch of the Galaxy S22 in 2022.

It was indicated by various leakers on Twitter and the information is quite crediblebecause it does not seem that Samsung wants to increase the prices of the base models of its flagship precisely to better compete with Apple and its iPhone 14which continue to eat more and more ground from Samsung and Android in the most performance cut.

So, we already know that the standard Galaxy S23 and plus they should cost similar prices than their predecessors, indicating the sources that these will be the reference prices in dollars without counting the small modifications by market derived from tariffs and various taxes:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 (8GB/128GB).- $799.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 (8GB/256GB).- $849.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ (8GB/128GB).- $999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ (8GB/256GB).- $1,049.

These prices would obviously be counting on the new rear designmore homogeneous, the Qualcomm sourced vitaminized chipsetbigger batteries and all the improvements you would expect, without fanfare or fanfare for some mobiles that will be very incremental and nothing groundbreaking.

That is why keep prices may be the most appropriate strategy.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: new finishes and colors with slightly higher prices

The ones that seem to be going up in price are the models Ultra of the Galaxy S23, and it is that in the case of the most expensive mobiles it seems that the margins can always be increased a little more each year… Is it true that luxury does not understand crisis?

If we consider that the Galaxy S22 Ultra more basicwith 128 GB of internal storage, it cost $1,199 of recommended price at launch, now it seems that the most basic model of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will go up to $ 1,249 already from the very beginning.

However, there is a little trick here, and that is that according to sources there will be no 128 GB S23 Ultra reducing the number of available options, since from the four previous configurations we went to three and the less equipped model will have 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB internal storage.

So these would be the expected prices for all three versions from the Galaxy S23 Ultra:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (8GB/256GB).- $1,249.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB/512GB).- $1,349.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB/1TB).- $1,499.

As it has been reported, all markets will enjoy the four colors initials (cotton flower, Misty Lilac, Botanical Green Y Phantom Black), although some countries and only through Samsung Store will enjoy exclusive color variants included in Bespoke programs.

They tell us that these exclusive colors will not be sold from the beginning and will begin distribution between 2 and 6 weeks after the February 1 presentation. This will apply to the 1 terabyte model also, that it can be reserved but with delayed deliveries at least in its first days.

There is little time left to meet them and we will surely see more, but everything they tell us agrees with this strategy of continuity which was actually expected from the beginning… We will have to be vigilant!

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