The cyberpunk RPG that is free on computers

Epic Games has released this dystopian adventure for everyone to enjoy free of charge.


Epic Gameslike every thursday give spectacular games. This week is no exception and, in addition to a mysterious multiplayer title, released this cyberpunk RPG with spectacular gameplay and story, which ensures hours and hours of fun.

The cyberpunk RPG that is free on computers

Games in this subgenre of Science fiction, characterized by being set in a dystopian futurebecame very popular in recent years, especially after the release of cyberpunk 2077the famous title of CD project who made history Now, Epic Games is giving away a similar game, although with a different but no less spectacular story. Is about Gamedecthe Cyberpunk RPG from Anshar Studios that, until next Thursday, January 19, 2022, it can be downloaded completely free. For that, we only need an epic account (if we don’t have it, we can create it in a matter of seconds and without spending a penny). Then, we will log in at the link that we will leave here below, for later save the game in our library and make it ours forever.


How is Gamedec, the game that the Epic Games Store gives away this week

This cyberpunk RPG this set in a dystopian 22nd century Warsawwhere technology has advanced so much that nothing is like the world we know today. In that context, hehe virtual worlds bring innumerable problems for mortals, and we We will embody a detective in charge of solving the difficulties that arise in these fictional worlds.

The Official Gamedec Review and Trailer on the Epic Games Store

Gamedec is an isometric cyberpunk RPG for one player. You are a game detective who must solve crimes in virtual worlds. Use your wits to gather information from witnesses and suspects and get to the bottom of fraudulent schemes. You are the set of your decisions.

Gamedec, free at Epic Games Store


Gamedec, free at Epic Games Store

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