Sony launches the new NW-ZX700 for those with refined audio tastes (and retro fans)

The Walkmans have not only not disappeared, but their brand, so well built for a long time, continues to be attractive to a very niche audience. That’s why Sony released a special edition Walkman TPS-L2 and brand new devices like the NW-A105 at the time.

The combo becomes even more current with the NW-ZX700 that comes with Android 12. Its casing is made of aluminum, it has a five-inch screen and, according to The Walkman Blog, the processor in charge would be a Qualcomm QCS4290. It’s not power to dazzle, but it would certainly be more than enough for a music player.

Closer to being a smartphone

With acceptable power, connectivity and up to Android 12, what prevents it from being a current smartphone? Essentially two things: it doesn’t have a SIM input and it doesn’t have rear or front cameras either. Anyone willing to make calls via WhatsApp and not take photos could use it as their primary device, even if that’s not the Walkman’s main purpose.

To complete the specifications, the NW-ZX700 would have enough battery for up to 25 hours of playback in the case of tracks at 44.1kHz in FLAC format, although at the moment we do not know how many mAh we are talking about. For audio processing, Walkman features DSEE Ultimate and DSD.




The weakest specification to be an audio player seems to be in that barely 64 GB storage, of which only 47 GB are available to the user.

Walkman 4

Walkman 3

Walkman 2

The ZX700 will be officially launched on February 23 in Japan at a price of 104,500, something like 15,300 pesos at the exchange rate. For now it is not clear if the new Walkman will be available in more markets.

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