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Thousands of NRIs came to Indore for the Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan. Indore police is very active for their safety. Especially in public place. Talking about one such public place, along with NRIs, politicians have also started coming here. For which the police have made special arrangements here. This arrangement is such that even NRIs do not get to know about it.

Let us tell you where and how the police is taking care of the security of these NRIs…

This place is Indore’s Chappan shop. Every day a large number of NRIs are coming here to taste Indori food. Apart from NRIs, Foreign Minister S. Many politicians including Jaishankar, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Minister Vishwas Sarang have come here. Indore Police has made special arrangements here for the security of NRIs. About which NRI does not know that they are enjoying the taste in the midst of so much security.

Here is the special security of the police

By the way, there is a gathering of food lovers at Chappan shop. But these days NRIs are also reaching here in large numbers to taste Indori flavours. In such a situation, the Indore police is also very ready regarding their security. Police help desk has been prepared here. TI level officers are posted on duty at this help desk since morning. Apart from these, small contingents of police personnel are also seen here and there throughout the shop. A special police team is also working here.

Duty of policemen at Chhappan shop, security is being done by policemen even in civil dress.

Duty of policemen at Chhappan shop, security is being done by policemen even in civil dress.

NRIs become active as soon as they are seen

A special police team is working at Chappan shop in Indore. Which follows NRIs as soon as they come. This is the policeman who is in charge of security here in civil dress. It has both male and female police personnel. Their number is more than the uniformed policemen. According to Tukoganj police station in-charge Kamlesh Sharma, a team of policemen in civil dress is engaged for the protection of NRIs at Chhappan shop. Those who start following NRIs as soon as they come here, so that their safety can be taken care of.

being around them all the time

These policemen, doing their duty in civil dress, remain present around the NRIs from the time they arrive till they leave. Along with this, they also keep in mind that no one is troubling them. These policemen live around NRIs in such a way that they don’t even realize it.

Police help desk, also write the number

The duty of the police officers at the help desk remains the same. Along with this, the numbers of all the police branches are also written here. So that if someone is in need, they can immediately call on that number and take help of the police. Tukoganj TI Kamlesh Sharma told that no complaint has been received by the NRI so far. However, there were complaints of some common people missing purses, mobiles, which were resolved immediately. The advantage of being a help desk is also here that if someone forgets his mobile or purse somewhere, people immediately deposit it here and those who keep their purse or mobile get it here.

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