Ranbir Kapoor shamed for his skinny legs in TJMM training video

returned to the silver screen with Ranbir Kapoor You are a liar, I am a liar Starring Shraddha Kapoor. The film, a rom-com, has opened to lukewarm responses from the audience. Recently a behind the scene video of Ranbir went viral on social media. In the video, he can be seen flaunting his chiselled physique as he does his exercises. However, several trolls took the opportunity to body-sham the actor for his physique.

In the widely shared video on Reddit, Ranbir can be seen performing a variety of workouts ranging from ring dips and dumbbell overhead presses to cable chest flyes and underhand cable flyes.

While there were others who praised it Bombay Velvet star for her commitment to fitness, “He’s working so hard in his 40’s lazy ass that I haven’t even completed 5000 steps today in my late 20s,” “Holly Cow. I didn’t know that He was torn in. The others were not so kind.

Many fans ridiculed Ranbir’s seemingly underdeveloped legs, such as:

“His upper body 😍 but lower body 😰”

“upper body – srk lower body – krk”

“thin legs”

“chicken pair”

“Skipping Leg Days.”

It is well known that Ranbir is no stranger to criticism. Since then Sanwariya Days, the member of the Kapoor clan had to stop people getting under his skin. In fact, this is said to be one of the reasons behind the actor’s lack of social media presence, despite his stature as a Bollywood superstar.

The anonymity of social media prompts many people to make fun of others. But the spirit of schadenfreude will quickly fizzle out if they are treated equally. While stars have an easy life with their smorgasbord of privileges, however, that doesn’t give anyone a free pass to body-sham them.

Funny, it’s funny to see how people don’t bat an eye before shaming a man, whereas a woman would have been on the receiving end of such comments, which would have caused a lot of uproar.

Needless to say, things need to change for the better so that we stop making unwanted comments on other people’s bodies.

What do you think? Should the fans have made fun of Ranbir’s legs in the video? Tell us in the comments!

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