People raged when in MIss Vietnam when Model Phuong Anh wore a transparent dress. Beauty queen wore such a transparent dress, created a ruckus

new Delhi: Many times such news comes to the fore from the country and abroad, which we are often shocked to hear. Something similar happened recently during a beauty contest. Actually the beauty queen wore a dress which was completely transparent. Seeing this, the people there criticized the model a lot.

wore a transparent dress

Model Phuong Anh recently wore a yellow colored dress made of very thin transparent material. She had reached the stage to give the title to the first runner up. In such a situation, 2022 Miss Vietnam has to apologize to everyone for this gown of Beauty Queen.

will keep in mind

The organizers of the show have issued an apology for the fans who got angry after seeing this dress. The organizers say that they regret that Phuong Anh’s outfit was chosen in such a manner. When the dress was viewed from a certain angle, the beauty queen’s entire body was visible.

outfit is selected

In such a situation, the organizers said that they are sorry that they did not take action on this in the beginning. In such a situation, it is said that the dresses to be worn during the show are selected very carefully. In such a situation, people warned the model to take care of her outfits from next time.

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