Miss Vietnam: The ‘beauty queen’ reached the stage wearing such a dress, the organizers had to apologize!

Miss Vietnam Organizers Apologize: It happens during the beauty contest that the beauty queen is called to award the winner and the runner-up or to crown them. This is the rule in many countries. Recently, there was a lot of ruckus in a beauty contest in Vietnam. Because people did not like the dress of a beauty queen who reached there to wear the crown.

wearing a yellow dress
Actually this incident is of a beauty contest in Vietnam. The former beauty queen who arrived here to crown the runner-up of the beauty contest was wearing a yellow dress. People did not like this dress. As soon as this dress went viral on social media, there was a lot of ruckus, even the people of Vietnam did not like it.

‘Worn a transparent dress’
According to international media reports, all this happened when model Phuong Onh reached the stage to award the title to the first runner up of that contest. During this, she wore a transparent dress. It is alleged that her body was getting exposed a lot in this dress. On social media, people demanded an apology from him. After this he himself and the organizers gave their statement.

Apologies to the viewers and fans
According to reports, in her statement, Phuong said that she is feeling embarrassed about this dress and has learned a lesson from the incident. Apart from this, the organizers of the contest said in their statement that it is very unfortunate that this incident happened with Pham Ngoc Phuong Anh. For this, we apologize to our viewers and fans.

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