Megan Rupp on Prioritizing Sleep — Especially With Baby #2 on the Way

Nutrition and fitness are probably the first things to come to mind when you consider the pillars of a healthy lifestyle, but sleep plays an important role in overall health as well. Few people know that better than Megan Rupp, celebrity fitness trainer and founder of The Sculpt Society (TSS) — especially with the recent announcement of her second pregnancy.

sleep for physical And mental health

Sleep is a key component to muscle recovery, which is crucial for someone like Rupp who maintains an incredibly active routine. For this reason, it is a no-brainer that sleep is very important to him. “A good night’s sleep, preferably 8 hours, is essential for both my mental health and physical health,” says Roop. “I don’t consider myself a ‘morning person,’ so I do everything in my power to make sure I get enough sleep every night, although when you have a baby, you lose that control.” ”

night routine

As a mom, business owner, and fitness professional, Roop’s days are full. Sleep is a big priority for her, but like many people, Roop acknowledges the danger of mindlessly scrolling through her phone at night. “I’m really trying to create more sustainable habits around my nightly routine,” admitted Roop. “Lately, I try to put my phone away and read a book or listen to a meditation on the TSS app before I go to sleep. I’m not perfect, but I’ve seen the effect it has on my sleep and mental health.”

Megan Rupp on the importance of sleep

A good night’s sleep, 8 hours of sleep is essential for both my mental health and physical health.

Megan Rupp on the importance of sleep

When she has time, she incorporates self-care into her nightly routine, taking leisurely baths and taking care of her skin. “I feel like it allows me to step down from the day and prioritize myself for a moment,” says Roop. For him, it’s a great way to “shift gears and slow down.”

How Nutrition, Fitness, and Sleep Are Interrelated

Sleep, diet and exercise are important components of a healthy, balanced lifestyle that promote optimal physical and mental health, but prioritizing all three is often challenging. Roop says that sleep is paramount to ensure that she is able to achieve her nutrition and fitness goals. “For me, not getting enough sleep at night can be a slippery slope the next morning. I might hit the snooze button and not have the energy to function. Treat yourself to something like scrambled eggs on avocado toast.” Instead of making a wholesome meal, I can have my breakfast from a coffee shop. Lack of sleep can also make me feel like I’m on a bit of a spree all day long. I think we all have had experiences like this. especially if you’re a new parent or have a demanding work schedule. I’m trying really hard to change my mindset when I can’t sleep peacefully.

When it comes to nutrition, Roop aims to make simple staples at home or rely on a meal delivery service to provide nutritious meals to ensure she’s properly prepared for success. She stocks her pantry and fridge with easy grab-and-go options to keep her motivated to keep up with her demanding schedule (and an active toddler).

Megan Raupp on finding balance with a healthy lifestyle

I’m committed to doing less so you can show more.

Megan Raupp on finding balance with a healthy lifestyle

For Roop, sometimes more is less when it comes to fitting in her hectic routine and her required 8 hours of sleep. “I’m committed to doing less so you can show more. On days when I’m lacking inspiration or don’t have the time, I’ll do a ‘quickie’ 10-minute workout on The Sculpt Society app. Compared to working out for hours It’s more important to me to be in constant motion, it’s more realistic and sustainable. I find that after moving my body for at least 10 minutes, everything changes. I feel more energetic and I like it Never regret.”

Rest days are as important as workouts

Roop also stresses the importance of rest days. She makes it a point to build rest days into all of her programs, stating that they are “just as important and effective as the physical movement itself.” What qualifies as a ‘rest day’ is a bit open-ended. According to Roop, this doesn’t mean lying on the couch all day. “Rest days can be active recovery days like a hike with friends, a gentle yoga class, meditation, journaling, or even stretching.”

sleep hacks for a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Roop offers up her go-to sleep hacks for anyone looking to improve their sleep hygiene: limit screen time, swap scrolling for a good book, and before going to work Relax meditation. What advice does she give to her clients? “Just make it a priority. Sleep is essential to feeling your best!”

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