Israeli girlfriends came together on the red carpet

Premiere screening of new Israeli thriller series Sunday wicked bride Attracted many big names and familiar faces, including national fans shlomit malka And Maya Wertheimer,

Both Israeli models recently relocated to New York City and took advantage of this formal occasion to catch up with old friends.

Malka and Wertheimer’s old clique of models and actresses were also present at the premiere, with almost a full attendance. Actress/model Dar Zuzovsky, celebrity fitness trainer Liqui Rosenberg, as well as former Miss Israel winners Shavit Weisel and Liran Kohner were also present.

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Likki Rosenberg, Dar Zuzovsky, Shavit Weisel and Shlomit Malka

,Photo: Aamir Mary,

The glamorous wifey was often shadowed by the paparazzi and was known for her over the top birthday celebrations, lavish trips abroad together and exotic workouts to share with her social media followers.

While Wertheimer Plus One is often more than welcome to attend star-studded events in Israel, her husband Asaf Zamir – Israel’s Consul General in New York, held back this time. Similarly, he also has a 2-year-old lovely daughter Asiya.

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Asaph Zamir and Maya Wertheimer point to New YorkAsaph Zamir and Maya Wertheimer point to New York

Maya Wertheimer and Assaf Zamir voting at the Israeli Consulate in New York

,Photo: Naftali Shavelson,

Despite Jamir’s diplomatic posting in NYC, the young mother has maintained a career as a working artist and influencer in Israel, which sees her traveling to Tel Aviv and back every two weeks.

Malka’s move to the Big Apple came under different circumstances after the breakup of her four-year marriage to Israeli actor Yehuda Levi about a year and a half ago.

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Maya Wertheimer, Shlomit Malka, Shavit Weisel and Likki Rosenberg

,Photo: Aamir Mary,

Nevertheless, Malka came out to support her friends’ new show and contributed to a heartwarming—and overpoweringly—beautiful reunion.

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