Hugo Sánchez is the first TOTY SBC Icon and improves his stars

Besides that we have three new free cards and the chance to test Benzema TOTY on loan, today the first Icon of the TOTY SBC in the history of Ultimate Team has arrived. It is for Hugo Sánchez, who now has four stars in skills and a bad leg. His Squad Building Challenge will be available in FIFA 23 until April 21.

Stats in game Hugo Sánchez Icon TOTY FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: DC and SD. He has four stars for skills and bad leg, high/medium work rate, Body Type “Balanced”, he is 1’76 and left-handed.

You’ll no longer be limited by your poor right-handed shot, and while passing and power numbers are more common, It has an interesting combination of top stats in pace, shooting and dribbling. In fact, it’s naturally so fast that we could even apply Motor as a chemistry to further increase its quality.

TOTY icon Hugo Sánchez would be even more adept with the ball if his Body Type were “Slim” instead of “Balanced”. But Since the dribbling stats are high, we don’t expect it to be clumsy..

With Hunter as her chemistry, she’ll have brutal shot stats and even possess “Quality Shot”. His 85 Vision and 86 Short Passing don’t really stand out at this point in FIFA 23, but they’re still very decent. And if we applied Motor, he would lose reliability when kicking but would be even more precise when assisting.

Although this special version does not appear on the market, EA Sports He has also included another much more affordable SBC to test it on loan for five games. He hardly asks for a golden eleven with a footballer from LaLiga Santander. So if you plan on completing the main Squad Building Challenge, you might as well take advantage of the loan first.

It is far from an affordable card, below you will see that we should sacrifice enough socks to get Hugo Sánchez Icon of TOTY. But if you open packs frequently during the event, this seems like one of the more interesting options right now. Even more so if in FIFA 23 you rarely use the skills, if Kaka’s five of skill moves are not too valuable a resource for you.

Hugo Sánchez SBC Requirements FIFA 23 TOTY Icon

Challenge 1: Born Legend

Reward: Rare Gold Two Player Pack.

  • Exactly 11 players: Unique
  • Player quality: Exactly Bronze

Challenge 2: New Promise

Reward: Upon Two Player Gold Unique.

  • Exactly 11 players: Unique
  • Player quality: Exactly Silver

Challenge 3: mattress makers

Reward: Gold Players Small Pack.

  • Min. 1 Atlético de Madrid player
  • Min star value of the team: 83

Challenge 4: Hugoal

Reward: On mix of Premium Players.

  • Min. 1 Real Madrid player
  • Min star value team: 85

Challenge 5: First

Reward: About mix of TOP Players.

  • Min. 1 player: Team of the Week (TOTW) or FUT Champions
  • Min star value team: 86

Challenge 6: Squad OVR: 87

Reward: Rare Gold Players Small Pack.

  • Min star value of the team: 87

Challenge 7: Squad OVR: 88

Reward: Unique Electro Players Pack.

  • Min star value team: 88

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