How to clean the iPhone charging port easily with something we all have at home

Over time and use, the charging port of our iPhone accumulates dirt. It does so especially when we carry the phone in our pocket and collects the occasional residue both from the same fabric and small particles that accumulate there. Fortunately, we can clean it very easily.

Something important, it must be said, well Excessive soiling can cause charging to not be carried out correctly and, in extreme situations, it can prevent it by not being able to the connector to reach the contact points. There are many recommendations when cleaning this port, but let’s see a fairly simple one with something that we all have at home.

Carefully but fearlessly

A wooden stick. Nothing more. Let’s just make sure to use one that won’t splinter and at the same time is thin enough not to get stuck in the port. And this is all the tool we need.

Now, the iPhone charging port is not its strongest point, but it is not flimsy either. In this sense, let’s act calmly, but with care. After turning off the iPhone, the best possible move is to insert the toothpick all the way into the connector, drag it to the side, and then pretend to take a scoop, sliding it along the side of the opening until the dirt is out. Then we repeat the process in the other direction.

With this we will have removed the lint that usually accumulates in the port, for the finest dust, rolling part of a tissue in the part of the toothpick that we introduce is usually the best idea. By doing so we have covered most types of dirt that we can find.

In the event that it has been due to some liquid that has contaminated the port, let’s say for example some splashes of Coca-Cola, which is very sticky, the situation is much more delicate. Here the recommendation is that we go to an Apple Store before doing anything. We could talk about isopropyl alcohol wipes, but from Applesfera the recommendation is that we be carefulthat the remedy could be worse than the current situation.

So you can clean up your Health data if it takes up too much space on your iPhone

That said, as we can see, quickly cleaning the port of our iPhone is really easy. A procedure that, using a thin enough toothpick, also works for those of the iPads which, being USB-C —and while it reaches the iPhone 15—, have a central tab inside. When in doubt, let us be cautious, but in the meantime, with something as common as a toothpick we can easily remove the most common dirt.

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