How are the airlines of Pakistan, which are in discussion about the dress of the air hostess!

Pakistani Airlines: There are many countries in the world. Many times people have to go from one country to another, for which they opt for air travel. The airline of any country also reflects the culture of that country. In such a situation, today we will know about the airline of our neighboring country Pakistan. How many airlines are there in Pakistan? Do you know that in the past months, Pakistan Airline had also issued a strange decree regarding the dress of the air hostess? Let’s know…

How many airlines are there in Pakistan?

Pakistan International Airline (PIA), Air Blue, Askari Aviation, Shaheen Airline and Serenair Airline are the main airlines of Pakistan. Pakistan International Airlines was established on 23 October 1946 as Orient Airways. Airblue’s aircraft were established in 2003 and went commercial in 2004.

Askari Aviation was formed in 1995. It is also involved in many rescue missions and military activities in the range of mountains including K2. Shaheen Airlines was named after Shaheen Baj, the national bird of Pakistan. It is a private airline in Pakistan whose operations were started in 1994. It is also the private carrier airline of Pakistan. Which started in January 2017.

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Here we have mentioned about the top 5 airlines of Pakistan. Apart from these, there are many other airlines in Pakistan which are working as cargo airlines and some may start in future.

International insult is also correct

Once Pakistan International Airlines could not pay the dues on time, due to which Russia refused to give overflying clearance to PIA flight. After this, the flight going from Islamabad to Toronto had to change its route. According to 24NewsHD TV channel, this matter is of June 17 this year. Not only this, citing a government audit report, Geo TV had said that in 2016-17, Pakistan Airlines had left 46 flights without any passengers.

A strange order came regarding the dress of the air hostess

On behalf of Pakistani Airlines, regarding the dress of PIA’s air hostess, it has been said that it is mandatory for the air hostess to wear undergarments when wearing plain clothes. PIA is a national airline of Pakistan. Such an order was issued after the protest was expressed by the Flight Services General Manager. The general manager had an objection to the clothes of the air hostess. For which he raised this issue.

PIA’s image was cited

According to a report, General Manager Aamir Bashir had received complaints that air hostesses do not dress properly when they reach office, stay in hotels or travel to other cities. Aamir Bashir said that this is having a bad effect on the image of PIA.

Keep an eye on clothes

Grooming instructors and shift in charge keep an eye on what the flight attendants are wearing. If the flight attendants do not dress properly or do not follow the guidelines, then there is also a rule of action against them.

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