Follow these tips to dry wet clothes in winter, they will become dry and smell free in minutes


You can dry clothes easily by using a room heater.
With the help of towels, you can dry wet clothes in a jiffy.

How to Dry Clothes in Winter: Drying clothes in the winter season is a very difficult task. At the same time, due to dense fog and clouds, the weather remains bad for many days. Because of which the clothes become wet and smelly due to lack of sunlight. In such a situation, even your wet clothes do not dry easily in winter. During winters, the clothes do not get sunlight for many days. At the same time, due to the humidity in the weather, it is not possible to dry the clothes at home. Along with wet clothes, the house starts stinking. However, with the help of some smart methods, wet clothes can be easily dried at home. So let’s know some easy tips to dry clothes in winter.

dry clothes in the right place
In winter, people often put wet clothes on the furniture of the house to dry. But the curtain rod is best for drying clothes. Due to this, not only the outside air affects the clothes, but the clothes also dry quickly.

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use a heater
Many people use room heaters to avoid cold in winter. At the same time, with the help of room heater, you can also dry wet clothes easily. For this, lift the bed sheet and spread the clothes. Now put a room heater on the front table by spreading a sheet over it. Due to this, the hot air will go inside the sheet and the clothes will dry immediately.

use a towel
You can also use towels to dry the clothes. For this, spread the towel and keep the wet clothes. Now put another towel on top and press and then hang the clothes to dry. This will dry the clothes quickly.

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dry clothes with a hair dryer
It is also best to use a hair dryer to dry wet clothes immediately. In this case, turn on the hair dryer and rotate it on wet clothes. This will dry the wet clothes easily. You can try this recipe to dry undergarments especially in winter.

don’t forget to squeeze the clothes
After washing the clothes, water remains in the clothes if they are not squeezed properly. Due to which the clothes do not dry quickly. In this case, after washing the clothes, squeeze them well. At the same time, you can also take someone’s help in squeezing the clothes. Due to this the clothes dry quickly.

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