Fitness influencer Sarah Stevenson has been embroiled in controversy after announcing the purchase of ‘Sara Day’ investment ‘Photoshoot House’.

Health and fitness YouTuber Sarah Stevenson has left her fans divided after announcing that she had bought an investment property to use as a “photoshoot house”, amid crippling cost of living costs.

The content creator, known online as Sarah Day, shared the news, teasing it as a “major life update” to followers.

Watch the video above: Sara Dey’s ‘photoshoot house’ life update leaves followers in splits.

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But his announcement did not go down well with some followers, who labeled it as “tone deaf” and “out of touch”.

A YouTube video shared Wednesday shows Stevenson and her husband, Kurt Tilsey, taking their two young sons to an undisclosed location for a night out.

The purpose of the trip was to prepare to attend an auction, the next day, for a property they hoped to buy.

Health and fitness YouTuber Sarah Stevenson. Credit: Instagram

In the video, the parents detail how they spent years searching for an investment property – and thought they had now found the perfect place.

They said the house on the property was “trash”, but if they were successful in the auction, they would like to build something from scratch.

Stevenson then stated that, despite not expecting to make the winning bid, they had managed to secure the property.

To share the news with her followers, Stevenson sat in front of her camera from a room in her recently renovated Cronulla home.

Trying to word her message carefully, the YouTuber begins by clarifying that she’s “not trying to come off like I’m bragging or exaggerating or exaggerating my life “.

Sarah Stevenson reveals she has bought a new property. Credit: youtube

“I’ve been looking for a holiday home for the last two years because I love renovating… I’ve always wanted to build from scratch,” she said.

“It’s so surreal that I’m even having this conversation because I never in a million years thought I’d be in a position like this or have the opportunity to start a project like this,” she told her 1.45 million YouTube followers. told.

“It’s awkward to navigate this conversation because I never want it to be like ‘look at us, look at what we’re doing.’

Sarah and her husband Kurt Tilse before the auction. Credit: youtube

Stevenson said she plans to design this “really special” house to be a “photoshoot house”.

“The amount of houses we rent out for campaign shoots and different photoshoots is insane,” she began to explain.

“I always go to those homes and I’m so inspired by them and they just have this wow factor, they each have their own personality and statement and vision and feel.

“I’ve always wanted to design something that has a unique statement personality…so this is a really special home that people can rent for events or photoshoots.

“It’s super emotional and I think I … didn’t want to get too emotionally invested because really I didn’t think we were going to win.”

Sarah Stevenson and oldest son Fox. Credit: youtube

The video ends with a message thanking followers for their support, stating that without it none of his projects would have been possible.

‘Very bad form’

While Stevenson’s longtime followers reached out with their support, there was an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the video.

“Hardly call it life-changing. What a privilege in a real crisis that most people are living in at the moment,” said one commenter.

“While the rest of us are struggling to pay the rent/mortgage, and struggle with rising food and fuel prices, here she is showing off…that she’s bought another house …to take pictures.

Sarah, Kurt and their two children Fox and Malakai. Credit: Instagram

“What a privilege. It’s great to be able to afford what she’s doing but I don’t think she needed to announce it like that.”

“Tone deaf 💀,” said another commenter.

While another suggested: “Read the room! Perhaps not the time for such an announcement… as the rest of us are grappling with the cost of living.

The family packs their car for a road trip to attend the auction. Credit: youtube

Others quickly congratulated and defended the YouTuber.

“These comments just aren’t it. She worked hard for the money and she’s entitled to spend it however she wants 🔥 Go!” said one.

“Don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments! You work so hard for what you and Kurt have built together,” agreed another.

“You are an inspiration to all mummies and wannabe mummies out there.”

“What a boss. You’re not showing off, you’re inspiring.”

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