Feel the Burn With These ‘Killer’ Upper Body Workouts

If you are among those who are currently focusing on toning and working your upper body, then you are at the right place! Yasmin KarachiwalaA celebrity fitness trainer, had earlier shared some exercises that work the upper body and give you the confidence to wear the dress of your choice.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a video in which she showed off some easy upper body exercises, “5 quick upper body exercises to wear your festive clothes with confidence! Feel the burn and enjoy the results,” she captioned the video.

Sharing how to do the workout, he suggests, “3-5 rounds, 60 seconds of rest after each round, and no rest between exercises.”

Push-Ups to Pike Ankle Tap: 10 reps

For this workout, get into traditional push-up position and then pike. In addition, to fully activate your hamstring Keep your knees straight the entire time.

“This is an excellent workout to target your shoulders, chest and triceps. This bodyweight exercise also targets your core and hamstrings, Meenal Pathak, fitness coach, founder of Me Studio, told indianexpress.com.

Bent over semi-simple (3kg dB): 15 reps

According to readers, this is a great routine for targeting your upper body and shoulders, “If you’re a beginner, add a few reps with no weight at first and then lift the weight in your comfortable range. The idea is to get into the position of bending your arms in a semi-circle,” she suggests.

Tricep Dip to Crab Kick: 10 reps

Tricep dips are a great exercise for strengthening the upper body and increasing the body’s range of motion – overall. “As well as crab kicks, it helps build strength tricepsShoulders, and arms along with targeting core strength,” Pathak said.

To do this, keep your hands near your thighs. Walk your feet out and spread your legs, lifting your lower back. Leaning on the elbows, lower your body, and push up Back to start through your palms. Slowly, as you get comfortable with the movement, perform a kick in between dips by moving to tabletop position.

Upper cut x 2 punch (1kg DB): 2-20 reps

This is a short upward swinging blow with the fist using the power of your legs and body. Pathak continued, “For this, bend your elbows and keep moving your fists forward and upward into a punch.”

Superman Lat Pull: 15 reps

superman lat pull your main power, Pathak explains the benefits of this exercise, “It works your obliques and low back and helps improve flexibility in your spine.”

Keeping your arms and legs straight and your torso stable, simultaneously raise your arms and legs toward the ceiling to form an elongated ‘U’ shape with your body – back arched and hands and feet several times off the floor. Rise up inches

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