Exclusive: Watch Ranbir Kapoor’s new workout video and see how he gets ready for his latest film

from the bearded hunk shamshera for a chiseled young man with superpowers Brahmastra: Part OneWe saw Ranbir Kapoor in different physique to support his roles in 2022. With the release of his latest film, You are a liar, I am a liar He has introduced us to yet another well made avatar.

He first started working with celebrity fitness coach Shivoham two years ago for the film. “Ranbir is one of the most disciplined and dedicated people I have worked with. I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve been late in a training session.” Shivoham, who is also training Kapoor for his upcoming film, AnimalAppreciates their eagerness and curiosity to learn new things about their bodies.

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Here, Shivoham gives us a glimpse of his workout session with the actor through an exclusive video. We asked him to decode the chest and shoulder exercises in his workout so that you can incorporate them into your fitness routine.

Check out this Ranbir Kapoor-approved workout to tone your upper body

1. Ring Dip

This gymnastic movement focuses on the chest, shoulders and triceps. This is a tougher variation of parallel bar dips because it also works your core muscles and the smaller muscles that help with upper body stability.

2. Dumbbell Overhead Press

This is an old fashioned shoulder exercise that not only targets the entire shoulder but also your triceps. It can be done with barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells.

3. Cable Fly

This particular exercise is used to train the chest and work on the separation between the two chest muscles. The cable fly can be performed in many different variations to target different areas of the chest to achieve an overall effect.

4. Dumbbell Shoulder Rotation

This movement mimics the butterfly stroke in swimming and hits not only the shoulders but also your traps and upper back. It is often used as a finisher in shoulder workouts and should be performed with a light weight to ensure that you feel the effect without compromising on form and technique.

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