Epic Games surprise adds another new free game to the Epic Games Store

Yesterday we informed you that Epic Games had announced the arrival of a new free game on the Epic Games Store, but that, as on other occasions, the announcement was subject to change in the following days. This was because it is not the first time that the company only announces a title on Thursday afternoon, to later add one or even two more games in the next few hourswithout any prior announcement.

Well, precisely the latter is what has happened, since without having notified it up to now, the arrival of a new free game to the Epic Games Store for next January 26 at 5:00 p.m., which will accompany goodbye, the title we were talking about yesterday. And what is this new game that will be available? It will be none other than Hell is Others.

The arrival of a new free game is confirmed to the Epic Games Store

Epic Games surprise adds another new free game to the Epic Games Store

Hell is Others

Hell is Others is a top-down PvPvE survival horror shooter. Beyond security your apartment spans Century City. A city plunged into a perpetual night, between reality and madness. Explore, hunt and loot in a place where blood is the bargaining chip.

The title stars Adam Smithson, who does what he can to survive in his claustrophobic and lonely apartment, on the heights of Century City. His only company is a bonsai tree, which he takes great care of, if only to kill time. But like everything in this city, his plants also need blood to survive, so Adam must hit the dark streets in search of a recurring supply.

Therefore, it is a fantastic alternative to the other game that will be Available next January 26 thanks to its multiplayer aspect and its zenithal point of view. If you want to get hold of it, stay tuned for next Thursday to be able to have it in your library at the Epic Games Store.

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