Disha Patani was seen in a very hot look with her boyfriend wearing a black dress

Along with being a famous actress of the Bollywood film industry, Disha Patni always dominates social media due to her glamorous style. Let me tell you that this hot look of her is very much liked by the people, which they are seen praising fiercely. Where she attracts the attention of all the people with her hot figure and her style. At Mohit Rai’s birthday party, Disha arrived with her rumored boyfriend Alexander Alex Illic. During this, she wore such sexy clothes, in which everyone kept looking at her. For some time now, the buzz of social media about Bollywood actress Disha is very high. That’s because ever since the diva broke up with Tiger Shroff, she has been spotted with model-actor Alexander Alex Illic. This is also a big reason why people are unable to stop themselves from talking about Disha. However, even when Disha and Tiger were in a relationship, Alexander was seen with the actress.

disha patani wearing black dress
disha wearing black dress

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disha wearing black dress

Disha has become a topic of much discussion these days due to her looks as well as the news of her relationship. Her work is also very much liked by the people and people seem to be very much impressed by the hard work done by her. Huh.

Disha Patani Twinning With Bf Aleksandar In Black Cut Dress Video Viral.  *Entertainment - video Dailymotion

Disha’s pictures and videos keep going viral on social media where people praise her looks, while some people troll her seeing her looks. However, this time the fans are seen praising his looks fiercely and are seen going crazy over his looks.

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Disha Patani seen with her boyfriend in black dress

Apart from being a beautiful actress in the Bollywood film industry, she is also a very fit actress. Let us tell you that Disha is seen reacting a lot in her personal life, due to which people are very much impressed by watching her videos and her pictures.

Seeing the fitness of Disha Patni, anyone can be attracted!  - Disha Patani fitness and diet routine photos videos tvs

Disha works very hard to keep herself fit and people like her style very much and they are also inspired by her.

Disha Patani was seen wearing a black dress with her boyfriend
Disha was seen wearing a black dress with her boyfriend

Disha never leaves a single chance to flaunt her body and her curvy figure and she did the same this time too. Due to which his pictures have started becoming very viral.

Disha Patani these days with her looks as well as relationship
Disha these days with her looks as well as relationship

Seeing such a hot dress worn by Disha, people seem to be crazy about her. Thank you all for reading this article of ours and stay connected with our website “Samchar buddy” to know more interesting news like this.

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