Confirmed the most negative surprise of the Galaxy S23

Everything seems to indicate that, finally, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 will not come pre-installed (again) with the factory screen protector.

Too bad, Samsung: confirmed the most negative surprise of the Galaxy S23
Of Samsung’s Galaxy S23, (almost) everything there is to know is already known.

It’s official that Samsung people are very bad at keeping secretsand so, as happens every year, we will arrive at Unpacked on February 1 with practically nothing new to tell you about the next flagship phones of the South Korean giant, of which this time We have to confirm another rather negative detail.

And it is that yes friends, it remains little more than a week to officially meet the new Samsung Galaxy S23 that they will command the Android catalog again, at least as long as there is no more determined option among the Pixels made by Google that can bring the best hardware/software integration of the platform closer to the general public, and We already know almost everything about the new Samsung flagship family what we have to know.

Samsung Galaxy S23: release date, features, models and all the information that is known

Design leakedcontinuist in the model ultra and more homogeneous in the S23 and S23+, as well as a high-performance hardware that will bet on Qualcomm in all markets for the first time in many years, and even in recent days we have seen the first images of the marketing campaign at its launch and even the increasing prices that the three models will have in Europe.

And the latest news we have around the flagship Samsung’s 2023 is indeed the largest manufacturer on the planet you will again dispense with the pre-installed screen savers from the factory that before it did incorporate with its terminals more premiumand that obviously were greatly appreciated.

Some confirmed it to us leakers and industry analysts on Twitter, as you may have seen, and that is some test units seem to have already been arriving to certain lucky ones in Asia and elsewhere, who have either bypassed the embargoes, or were authorized to confirm details and upload images surely for the purpose of make the media hype grow facing the Unpacked.

In the end, it’s just that it’s silly to hide them anymore because they’ve already been seen in all colors and with all the details…

Be that as it may, what they tell us is that Samsung will save that plastic layer that protected the front glass of its most expensive mobiles, a protector that also it was of good quality and appreciated among the most loyal users, but which in all probability will have been gobbled up by cost savings to pass that price on to the buyer and that it is the users who have to acquire it separately.

At least, the front glass will be a Gorilla Glass Victus 2 of the latest generation of Corning, so its quality and durability is beyond doubt Regarding the best current standards in the industry… Of course, those interested should buy a protector and a cover just in case!

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