collection of floor rights of 30,000 pesos to drivers of the apps

Taxi drivers were not happy when Uber was granted that it does not need to work in Cancun under the concession modality, since it is not a public service. The victory for app drivers came with the important nuance that, at least according to the local government, they could not operate immediately since the local regulations would still have to be modified to accommodate them.

In reality, Uber drivers and similar apps have operated for years in Cancun, but the ruling of the Third Collegiate Court of the Twenty-seventh Circuit seems to have revitalized the conduct of taxi drivers against drivers. According to drivers interviewed by Millenniumtaxi drivers have organized in groups to establish guards in certain places, commit violent acts and even collect floor rights.

Up to 30,000 pesos have been charged by taxi drivers to app drivers who have entered areas that are identified as “exclusive“, according to the report. The concept of land rights is usually accompanied by the usual threats that if a driver does not make payment, violent measures will be taken against him.

Millennium In his report, he includes testimonials from drivers who agreed to speak with the media on condition of anonymity. One of them even said that the charges for the right to a flat vary depending on the area and assured that taxi drivers have stopped app vehicles that transport tourists.

On January 12, the day of the court decision in Cancun, videos circulated of taxi drivers threatening to damage vehicles and drivers of the apps that were seen circulating in the city. According to the leader of Solidaridad taxi drivers, Luis Herrera, there are more than 25,000 taxi drivers affected by the official entry of Uber into the area.

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