Cloth Smell Removal Tips for clothes locked in cupboard | Cloth Smell Removal Tips: The smell of clothes locked in the cupboard for months will go away, Winter Clothes will smell in minutes

Winter Clothes Cleaning Tips: With the onset of winter, people are now taking out the clothes that have been lying in their cupboards for months. But due to the smell, there is also a problem in wearing them. Today we tell you 3 easy ways to remove that smell.

How to Remove Smell from Winter Clothes: As the winter season is progressing, people are taking out warm clothes that have been kept in their cupboards for months. But due to being closed in the shelves for a long time, those clothes have a strange smell, due to which it is not possible to wear them easily. Many people even dry their clothes in the sun to remove their smell, yet that smell does not disappear completely. Today we are going to tell you 3 effective ways to remove this smell (Cloth Smell Removal Tips).

Mix essential oil in water
We can use essential oil to remove the smell of warm clothes (Winter Clothes Cleaning Tips) locked in the cupboards. For this we have to put 2-3 drops of essential oil in a bucket of water. Do not add more oil than this, otherwise the clothes may get spoiled. After that wash the clothes with that water and dry them. The smell of those hot clothes will vanish completely.

Alcohol spray is also beneficial
Alcohol also works wonders in removing the smell coming from clothes. To try this remedy, take a bottle of spray. After this prepare a solution by mixing alcohol and water in it. After this, you sprinkle that spray on warm clothes. By doing this, not only will the smell of clothes go away, but the bacteria hidden in it will also die forever.

use lemon juice
Lemon juice works as a great detergent for clothes. To use it, you first wash the clothes taken out from the cupboard with detergent. After that, cut 2 lemons in a bucket of clean water and mix its juice. Then keep the washed clothes in it like this for 2-3 hours. After this squeeze those clothes and dry them. By doing this, the smell of clothes will go away.

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