Chhavi Mittal’s workout videos will motivate you to hit the gym. watch videos

by India Today Lifestyle DeskWhen it comes to fitness, Chhavi Mittal never lags behind in her workout schedule. The TV actor, who is known to troll trolls on social media who try to mess with her, maintains a strong front and all that is backed up by being physically fit, thanks to her rigorous workout regimen.

She often shares posts about her workout videos on Instagram while offering fitness goals for her fans.

Earlier this month, Chhavi posted a video of herself doing deadlifts. Calling herself a “gym rat”, she wrote, “When you truly love someone, you don’t give up on them no matter how annoying, difficult, impossible they are! I can’t stop working out. No matter what.” Go on. Because yes, I love it!”

She shared another clip of herself doing headstand at the gym. “Can someone say my last word?” she wrote.

The actress’ fitness journey gained popularity after she was diagnosed with breast cancer early last year. She recovered from the disease and documented her recovery journey on social media, becoming an inspiration to many.

In a post, she revealed that on the 10th day after her surgery, she started going to the gym as being fit and exercising makes her happy.

Here is another video of Chhavi in ​​which he shows off his toned muscles by working on his biceps and back.

Sometimes, her kids turn into background elements in her workout sessions. Here’s the proof…

Chhavi came into limelight on Thursday when she shared a post about being trolled for sharing pictures of her kids kissing on the lips.

Writing a scathing note, she wrote, “Unthinkable that some people can object to how a mother loves her children. The comments that came in support of this troll’s comment are not just mine. Yes, they are in support of humanity.” Dear. immeasurable love (sic).”

She ended her message by writing, “Parenting is the toughest responsibility and no one teaches us this in schools. We really learn on the job. So it’s okay to make mistakes when you follow your heart. But yeah It’s always right to love your children.” things to do. Love them, in your love language. Lots of love and peace to each and every one of you!

Chhavi and her husband Mohit Hussain have two children – Ariza and Arham.

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