Career Tips: What color clothes to wear for an interview? will get a job quickly

New Delhi (Career Tips, Interview Dress Code), It is not easy to get a job amidst tough competition (How to find a job). Everyone makes the best preparation for the interview but not everyone gets selected. If you want to prove yourself better than other candidates, then you will have to work hard on your Job Skills as well as Dressing Sense.

After the resume of a candidate is shortlisted, he is called for the interview. This clearly means that the first impression comes from the resume (Interview Tips). After this comes the turn of the dressing sense of the candidate. Believe it or not, but many times the candidates are also rejected due to their poor dressing sense. Learn how to dress to clear a job interview (Interview Dress Code).

Boss will be impressed by these colors
Professional and light colors and clothes should be chosen while going for the interview. Also keep in mind that the clothes should suit your profession. While male candidates should wear formal shirt and pant/trousers during the interview, female candidates can wear suit, saree, dress, pant suit.

Blue Blue colored clothes can be worn in any interview. This color shows you to be dependable and hardworking.
Gray Gray is considered a neutral colour. Experts say that this color shows the qualities of learning something new and gaining knowledge.
Black If you are going to give an interview for a higher position, then you can wear a black shirt or dress. This will show your leadership ability. But in the beginning of the career, avoid wearing this color during the interview.
White To leave a positive impression on the interview board, one should go wearing white clothes. If you are not able to understand any color then this is an evergreen option.

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