Azad Market Of Delhi Has The Cheapest Clothes In India Cloth Shopping

Delhi’s Cheapest Market for Cloth Shopping: You must have seen such big malls and markets where people with money go shopping. This market is limited only to those people who have a lot of money, but today we will tell you about a market where even in this era of inflation, branded and fashionable clothes are available according to forts. Yes, in this market you will get everything from jeans to jackets at very cheap prices. This market is located in Delhi. Let’s know about this market…

Which is this market?
This cheapest market of Delhi is situated on Shivaji Road Delhi and the name of this market is Azad Market. You can also take the help of metro to go to this market, because this market is very close to the metro station. The nearest metro station is Tis Hazari and Pool Bangash. One can come here on foot from these metro stations. It will take you 10 minutes to reach here on foot from the station.

Kilo prices are available clothes
Second hand clothes are also available here. There are many shops in this market from where you can buy clothes. You will not find single clothes here. You can buy clothes in bundles of 10 to 50 from here. At the same time, you will also get some clothes at the price of a kilo, in which bundles range from 1KG to 45KG.

keep in mind!
Here you will get different rates at every shop, that’s why buy only after trying it well. If you are buying clothes in large quantity, then do open them once and see them. You cannot buy single clothes in this market, you have to buy clothes in minimum quantity of 10.

Clothing starts from Rs 12 a kg
In this market, clothes start from Rs.12 a kg. Here you can buy everything from jackets to jeans for Rs.40 per kg. However, some pieces may also turn out to be defective, so be careful while buying clothes. It is noteworthy that the shopkeepers here tell different things about the clothes, some say that these are imported clothes, some call them used clothes and some say that these clothes are from India only.

people do business
The special thing about this market is that here you will find used clothes as well as new clothes. People take clothes from here and sell them at other shops at good prices. People buy clothes in bulk from here to do business.

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