Planetary nature is a complex of systems that involve a constant change in environmental conditions that, although often small or imperceptible, can alter the already known complexity and show us impressive phenomena.

Lightning and lightning are one of these, formed from the electrical charges in the gases of the clouds and a temperature difference in them.

Lightning never strikes the ground and branches in its path unlike lightning, however both are known for their degree of eventuality. However, in more recent years, we have heard of another type of lightning, rather projected towards the outermost layers of the atmosphere, these are blue rays.

Blue rays or as they have been called Blue jet, in Spanish blue jets, have been captured on rare occasions and until now they were of somewhat unknown origin, since it was not until this last occasion that scientists managed to decipher the events that trigger their formation.

The blue jets are to a large extent similar to lightning, since they are electrical discharges that have relatively long durations, we are talking about several hundred milliseconds in duration.

These blue jets expand forming a cone, starting from the upper region of the clouds and reaching stratospheric heights. Undoubtedly, they are unprecedented natural phenomena and thanks to Neubert’s work team, the cause of these has recently been described and why they take place in the outer layers of the atmosphere.

As these are forces similar to those of lightning, the research reports that it is most likely an accumulation of different electrical charges in a cloud, where these differ between its lower, upper and external region of the cloud, According to the researcher “they begin in an electrical rupture between the positively charged upper region of a cloud and a layer of negative charge at the edge of the cloud and in the air above”, this fragmentation continues vertically, however it is necessary see and characterize up to what height it manifests itself.

These flashes have been related in previous studies to intense radiation events accompanied by magnetic pulses. Radio wave radiation has shown the generation of lightning from the cloud to the ground under very punctual conditions and very short periods of time, as described. indicates in the study “we propose that the microsecond flashes are the optical equivalent of the narrow negative bipolar events observed in radio waves”, being able to cause blue rays to the atmosphere in the same way.

The information was published in the magazine Nature.

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