We are going to explain to you how to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp, so that you can chat with this popular AI from the messaging app itself. We are going to do it with a bot that will act as if ChatGPT were one more contact, and remember that you will be able to use this artificial intelligence in Spanish just by asking it.

To do this, we are going to use a specific web called God in a Box, through which you will identify yourself with your Google account and give him your phone so that he can talk to you. From there, you can start chatting with a limit of 40 messages per month for free. And remember that this is just one of the many projects based on ChatGPT with which you can get the most out of conversational AI.

Before we begin, a note. You will be able to use ChatGPT in WhatsApp both on mobile and through the computer, since the process is through the browser, and then through the WhatsApp app or webapp. We have done the steps through a computer, but the steps are exactly the same if you do it through your mobile.

GPT in your WhatsApp with God in a Box

God In A Box

The first thing you have to do is open the website of the God in a Box service based on ChatGPT, entering the website godinabox.co. You will enter an introduction page, where you simply have to push the button Getting Started which will appear in green.


This will take you to another introduction page, where it tells you that you will need to log in. To proceed, press the button login which appears in blue. When you do, you will go to another page where you have to push the button Sign in With Google which appears in red, which means sign in with Google.

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To use this project, you need to link it with a Google account. Therefore, in the next step you have to sign in with your Google accountor if you have several, choose which one you want to use it with.

Type Mobile

Once you have logged in, you will arrive at another screen in which you have to Write the phone number with which you use WhatsApp and click on the button submission. With this, you will be telling the system with which number you are going to contact him. Remember that when you enter your phone you have to also indicate your country or write the international code by hand.

Instructions Use

And on the next page you will be given the instructions that you must follow. First, you will have to write a WhatsApp message to the number that is told to you, remember that you can send WhatsApp to people you do not have in the agenda. But if you click on the number that is given to you, WhatsApp will also open directly to you, starting a conversation.


The first message that you should send to ChatGPT by WhatsApp is the one that is also indicated on the web, which is an account verification message to let you know it’s really you. With this, it prevents you from playing a joke on someone by making the bot write to them, or from anyone being able to start a chat without using their Google account.

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When you write the message to ChatGPT on WhatsApp, it will tell you a web link. This is the last step, you have to enter the web that tells you to complete your free user profileindicating your age, your gender or your city.

start using

When you indicate these details on the web and press submit, you’re done, and you can start using ChatGPT on WhatsApp. Now, all you have to do is start using the system, remembering that with the free account you can send a maximum of 40 messages per month.

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