All Pokémon present in the Scarlet and Purple code transferable from Home are revealed

After its launch and recent news, now we have more details and confirmed news for the successful Nintendo Switch game. Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

The information focuses on all pokemon that have been found in the game code. This means that they are programmed and ready to be transferred from Pokémon Home when compatibility with this app is released.

More may be added with DLC in the future, but these are scheduled for now. It is also worth noting that the regional forms, transformations, patterns and discs of Arceus and the pre-evolutions of all the Pokémon below are also programmed into the game. There are just no Mega Evolutions, Primal versions, and Ash-Greninja.

Here it is:

Do not forget that you also have our complete and updated guide to the game here.

What do you think? Remember that these Pokémon Scarlet and Purple games correspond to the ninth generation, Spain being the region in which it is inspired. You have our full coverage of its premiere here.


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