A patient realizes that his doctor has Steam installed on the hospital PC

A less orthodox visit to the doctor.

A patient realizes that his doctor has Steam installed on the hospital PC
Steam is the most popular gaming platform on PC for decades

Everyone is free to occupy their free time in what they want, and today video games are more present than ever in people’s daily lives, but what the protagonist of today’s story would never have imagined is that his doctor I had Steam installed on the hospital PC. Let’s hope he didn’t start playing in the middle of the consultations and did a good health job, at least.

It’s certainly something you don’t expect to see when you go to the doctor’s office and ask that his professionalism is doubted a littlebut you also have to understand that sometimes the shifts in hospitals can be a bit long, surely a health worker will have thought of playing a few games of his favorite game when there is not much work to do.

The gamer doctor

It is an image shared by one of the Reddit users where it can be seen on the doctor’s computer screen one of the steam windows, which means that between patient and patient, the doctor may play a little games from time to time. Of course, the publication has not taken long to go viral and the user community has not hesitated to make jokes about it. What would a doctor play in his spare time?

Undoubtedly, the most frequently used joke is that the doctor was practicing with Surgeon Simulator before operating on the protagonist of the story, let’s hope not, but you can see all kinds of jokes about it. Repeated messages like “your cholesterol is fine, but your Vampire Survivor stats have me worried” and other comments like that.

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Unfortunately, we will never find out what this boy’s doctor was playing in his hospital office. Maybe he’s a fan of Valve classics like Half Life or Portal, the always helpful The Witcher 3 or he was simply preparing his team to enjoy Returnal’s arrival on PC in the coming weeks. Who knows?

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