A Nintendo tweet triggers speculation of Mega Evolutions in an upcoming Pokémon DLC

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple continues to keep fans on edge for a new DLC. Fans seem to be glimpsing the arrival of a new expansion thanks to a tweet carried out by Nintendo.

Currently, we do not yet have official details regarding the release of any kind of new content for the game in the region of pales. However, information has been given about Pokemonexpanding what is said about them in the pokedex. Some of these new comments on these Pokemon They are what many fans cling to.

The description of Moonbraam through a tweet from Nintendo of America has acted as a trigger. In the images of the tweet you can see Moonbraam along with a description stating the following:

Bramaluna is one of the mysterious Pokémon that you can find in #PokemonScarlet. This Pokémon is believed to resemble a Salamence undergoing a phenomenon seen in other regions.

This “phenomenon seen in other regions” seems to refer to the mega evolutions, which come from the sixth generation. All this has not gone unnoticed, being filled with various speculative comments through social networks and even asking Nintendo that affirms that this is what it is explicitly about.

Without a doubt, Nintendo seems to be playing the game of confusion with the mega evolutions, although many players affirm that, when the river sounds, water carries, so they will end up entering the DLC future in one way or another. However, we will still have to wait.

What do you think? Leave your speculations and comments.

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